About ReadiStep

ReadiStep Basics

  • Format: Easy-to-administer paper-and-pencil test
  • Content: Three multiple-choice sections — reading, writing and math (no essay or student-produced response questions)
  • Testing time: 2 hours (40 minutes per section)
  • Test setting: Given during the school day, either all at once (recommended) or over three class periods
  • Test dates: Multiple-week testing window in the fall (see the 2014 -15 dates and deadlines)
  • Fee: $8 per answer sheet scored (see additional information about test fees)
  • International shipping surcharge: $3 per test shipped outside the United States

Why Use ReadiStep

Benefits for teachers

ReadiStep results provide detailed feedback on student performance, allowing teachers to see how well each student is performing in key academic areas. When used with the Skills Insight™ tool, this information can help teachers guide curriculum development and instruction, and improve learning outcomes for all students.

Benefits for administrators

By providing school- and district-level analyses of student skills, ReadiStep gives administrators the information they need to identify skill gaps and improve teaching and learning. ReadiStep results can also help identify students who may need more support as they transition to high school, as well as students who may be ready for more rigorous coursework.

Benefits for students and parents

ReadiStep can help students and their parents understand which skills need work as students make the important transition into high school. It also lets students see how their skill levels compare to those of other students nationally. All ReadiStep test takers also receive free access to MyRoad™, an online college and career planning tool that helps students explore opportunities for the future.