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Fall 2014 Ordering Is NOW CLOSED

Review the dates and deadlines below for material receipt dates, testing, return materials deadlines, and report distribution dates. 

Dates, Deadlines and Guidelines

Ordering for ReadiStep’s 2014-15 administration is now open.

All ReadiStep testing for the 2014-15 school year will occur in the Fall within the dates listed below.

The domestic testing dates and return material deadline are provided for customers within the 50 states.

The international testing dates and return materials deadline are provided for customers outside of the United States (including those in U.S. territories).

Please note that materials must be ordered by the published deadlines to be received in time for testing.

Order reductions and cancellations must be received before the order deadline in order to be processed.

ReadiStep 2014-15 Administration Dates & Deadlines
 Order Deadline 9/12/2014
After Ordering
 Bulk Registration Access Sent for Early Orders August 2014
 Final Bulk Registration Submission Date 9/19/2014
Test Materials
 Anticipated Delivery Date* 10/10/2014
10/15- 10/29/2014 (Domestic)
10/15-10/22/2014 (International)
 Postmark date for all return materials (Domestic) 10/31/2014
 Postmark date for all return materials (International) 10/24/2014
 Report Delivery Date* 12/08/2014

*Note for International Customers: this date does not take into account the time it may take for materials to clear customs in your country. Please plan accordingly.

Order Confirmations

Make sure that your e-mail security settings allow e-mails from the College Board. You will receive two e-mail order confirmations:

  1. A notification that your order has been successfully submitted.
  2. A follow-up notification will be sent in mid-August. This notification will contain further information about bulk registration and contain your bulk registration access codes.

    Please retain these e-mails for your records.

Test Fees and Billing

The 2014-15 ReadiStep test fee is $8 per answer sheet scored. Customers outside the United States will incur a $3 shipping surcharge per test shipped.

An unused test fee of $3 will be applied for each test ordered that exceeds 20 percent of the total used. In other words, customers that use at least 80 percent of the tests they order will not incur an unused test fee. Unused test books cannot be returned for a refund.

Unused test fee example:

A school orders 100 tests. There is no charge for 20 unused tests (20% of 100). If the school returns 80 answer sheets for scoring, there is no unused test charge. If the school returns 50 answer sheets for scoring, there will be a $90 additional charge for the 30 unused tests beyond the 20 free unused tests.

ReadiStep invoices will be generated and mailed to customers in January, after all participation counts are finalized.

Bulk Registration

Bulk registration allows schools and districts to submit student information electronically and securely before the test administration. This process produces Pre-Identification (Pre-ID) labels for students’ answer documents, eliminating the need for students to fill in their identifying information on test day.

Once your order for ReadiStep test materials has been processed, an e-mail with access codes for the bulk registration tool will be sent to the billing contact provided on your order. The e-mail will contain the access code for the organization that submitted the order. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to begin loading your student data.

ReadiStep’s bulk registration process has been updated. For the complete updated file instructions and requirements, click here.

A template is available here to help get you started formatting your student data

Return customers, please note the new file format. A sample of the new file format is available here



Call ReadiStep Customer Service at 877-79-READI or 877-797-3234 (domestic) and 212-520-8570 (international toll call).

Customer Service hours of operation: Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.– 6 p.m. ET (North America)