Information for Students and Parents

ReadiStep is a standardized test that is administered in middle school. It is designed to help schools and districts understand the skills students have and the skills they still need to develop. It also provides students with information about their academic skill levels and resources they can use to start exploring opportunities for the future.

You've taken ReadiStep. Now take the next steps.


  1. Review your results with a teacher.
    About four weeks after the test, your student score report (.pdf/560KB) will be sent to your school or district. Review your results with a teacher or other school staff member to gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Make a plan for improving your skills.
    Use ReadiStep Skills Insight™ to understand the link between your ReadiStep scores and your academic skills. Then make a plan for improving your skills. You’ll need the following materials:
  3. Explore college and career opportunities.
    All students who take ReadiStep receive free access to MyRoad™, and online college and career planning tool. It includes a fun personality quiz, along with resources to help you plan for high school and explore opportunities for the future. To create your MyRoad account:
    • Visit and click on Sign Up Today
    • In the Test-Takers box, click Go
    • If you don’t already have a College Board account, take a minute to create one. (If you’re under age 13, you’ll need to do create your account with a parent or school staff member, using the instructions provided here (.pdf/4.13KB).)
    • When prompted, enter your MyRoad access code, located on the back of your score report. 


ReadiStep Results: Creating  your Pathway to the Future
Presentation for students and parents about using ReadiStep results and tools

Download Creating Your Pathway to the Future (.pdf/3.3MB)

Download Creating Your Pathway to the Future (.ppt/3.6MB)